Jennifer's Body didn't suck

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I don't understand why everyone gave Jennifer's Body such a hard time. I don't know if they went into the movie expecting something more, but I watched it for the first time Saturday and it seemed to deliver exactly what it promised: ridiculous, horror, cult-film level, fun. I'm not a Megan Fox fan at all but I think she did a great job playing the vapid selfish high schooler who due to a twist of fate (and a not so small lie) has an unholy hunger for flesh.  Amanda Seyfried was good as her BFF, who is forced to confront not only Jennifer's demonistic tendencies but her personality flaws as well. All of this is wrapped up with some very Clueless-reminiscent quips and I think an appropriate level of violence.

In my opinion this movie got a bad wrap and if you understand what you're about to watch Jennifer's Body is a damn entertaining film. It's another one of those 'form your own opinion before totally crossing it off the list' watches.

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