Monday, May 16, 2011

That got your attention didn't it? Really this is just a weekend round-up post that I disguised with a segue about the new movie Bridesmaids - which I did see, so it's not a total lie.

In all realness I do have a few things I learned over the past couple days that I wanted to share with you?

1) Any Chanel foundation lovers out there? I went by the Chanel counter in Pentagon City and snagged a peak at the marketing material for their upcoming fall (September) foundation - Perfection Lumiere. Sorry I didn't think to grab a picture, but it sounds like a long wearing, fuller coverage foundation that is actually available in BROWN PEOPLE shades! It's amazing! There was a whole row - at the top of the ad booklet even - showcasing the darker shades. It might still disappoint me come September, but I'm excited to give it a try!

2) New Lip Products! Also in wandering around I came across a couple new lip products that I think you will love! First is the Bare Escentuals Pretty Amazing Lip Color. They're super pigmented, long lasting, and very easy to apply with the skinny doe foot applicator. I tried out the hot pink/raspberry shade Ambition and highly recommend it.

At bluemercury (local chain) I tried on what will (come June) more than likely be my new favorite red lip color. Laura Mercier's Lip Stain in Scarlet is fantastic! It's super long lasting with an even more pleasant finish than the BE, and lasted well through my movie and most of dinner. I've never tried the OCC lip tars, but if I had to compare it just by what I've seen on YouTube, I'd say the products are very similar. A little goes a LOOONG way.

3) Movie Shame. I call this one movie shame because I should really know better. Remember that dinky bomb of a movie, No Strings Attached? Neither Natalie Portman or Ashton Kutcher were enough to save it from box office obscurity. Yet why does the preview of Friends with Benefits intrigue me? It's like the same exact movie just with Justin Timberlake. Sigh. Which I have to admit is kind of why I want to see it. Dammit JT, when did I start liking you so much?! Also Woody Harrelson? Love it.

4) Bridesmaids. You thought I was going to forget didn't you? The short & sweet version of the story is that I saw Bridesmaids yesterday (damn you Thor for being only available in 3D) and it was not bad at all. At times sweet, hilarious, humiliating, and horrifyingly disgusting, I feel it was mostly worth my $11.50. I still wish it'd had more previews though, because I was actually really interested in that part.

P.S. - Almost forgot! I also REALLY REALLY wanna see the new Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts film Larry Crowne. Call me a sucker for a possibly well done romance but....yeah no. Just call me a sucker. I'm still excited though!

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