Shopping In My Closet - Week 3 (5/15-5/21)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Look at this! This is me coming up on the last *GASP* few days of my personal challenge! I've still got a week and a few days to go but I'm doing it so far! I can't complain that it's been a breeze though, there have been some ups and downs and serious shopping withdrawal.

I mean Hautelook? So not my friend this month, and in fact I've had to start deleting the emails before I even see what's for sale that day. I had to, because if I didn't serious pouting commenced and that's no fun for anyone.

I'm not sure if I'd say my outfits were getting 'better' though. I'm better pinpointing what I'd rather have in my closet, but creating new outfits it still hard. Maybe it'll always be hard. Maybe all those fashion bloggers are just making it look easy, like every fashion magazine picture ever.


Top: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Jeans: Forever21+ ~ Necklace: Gift

Top: Yoga store in Bethesda? I think? ~ Pants: H&M ~ Cardigan: Torrid

This was a rainy and gross day so just imagine the skinny jeans and rainboots combination from the outfit post last week. You'll get the general idea ;)

Jacket: Jones New York (thrifted) ~ Cardigan: Some shop in Germany ~ Turtleneck: Ann Taylor ~ Necklace: Some shop in Ireland

Look at me rolling up the sleeves to my blazer! Not perfect but I have to say this was a good day.

Blazer: teen flo (T.J. Maxx) ~ Top: Forever21+ ~ Jeans: Forever21+ ~ Boots: Steve Madden

Top: Express ~ Tank: Forever21+ ~ Skirt: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Belt: Torrid

Top: Express ~ Cardigan: Forever21+ ~ Skirt: Torrid ~ Belt: Forever21 (roomie's) ~ Necklace: Eastern Market (roomie's)

Top: Forever21+ ~ Jeans: Forever 21+ ~ Shoes: Guess (DSW) ~ Bag: Lou Lou

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