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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Once again, though I hate to say it, this isn't what I was going for when I started. I guess looking back on it now it's not completely heinous, but it's annoying just the same. You start out with one idea and you finish with something else entirely.

Plus I'm starting to hate my new (used) camera. It doesn't take pictures like my last one and it's almost impossible for me to get good captures of the makeup I play around with in my house at night. It's infuriating. Like really, really, I want to throw my camera at the wall, infuriating. I guess that means I have to start saving up to spend actual money on a new one, but I'm still  peeved about the whole thing.

I don't have a list of products for this look, mostly because I wasn't feeling it when I was done, but if anyone's really interested feel free to drop me a comment here or on FB and I'll try and think back.

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