(my very first) awkward and awesome thursday

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday was started over at the blog The Daybook! Sydney (and her husband) seem to be super cool and her outfits are fantastic so I recommend you go and take a look!

-Trying to redefine my style and realizing I don't want to wear at least 40% of what I have in my closet. Ok, that's maybe a bit much. Let's say 30%.
-Going to the gym over lunch, eating a salad with protein rich grilled chicken afterward, having a piece of ice cream cake and then realizing that I'm just as hungry as before I started.
-Worrying that everything I've ever done in my life has been in a pointless desire to feel 'normal'. Which I recognize is impossible.
-Wondering what the hell I'm doing with my life and where it's going to take m.
-Realizing that even when I have stuff to say on my blogs I don't want to be annoying so I have to schedule a post instead of just posting immediately. Which kind of lessons the level of the emotional high I had when I was inspired.
-Thinking that I guess it's time to start enjoying my company for its own sake, because sometimes other people just aren't around for the cool stuff.

-Spending last Thursday out with the roomie, drinking bubble tea and watching baseball. It almost sounds like summer doesn't it?
-Buying a Michael Bolton greatest hits CD (I miss you mom!) and then proceeding to listen to it the entire bus ride into work on Friday - and pretty much every day since.
-Reading a hilarious (and screen captured) blog post discussing the XXX Star Trek TNG parody
-Following my roommate's link to The Daybook and realizing that not only do I love this girl Sydney I also love her style. And her husband. But him I love him in a more 'OMG he is the sweetest guy every, they're so lucky to have each other' kind of way. Which is totally not creepy.
-Celebrating that during my first year as part of the leadership team at PIE (it's a volunteer thing) I didn't screw anything up (at least irreparably).
-Raiding my roommate's closet when I'm lacking in outfit inspiration and need something funky.
-Knowing that it's almost the Friday before a LONG WEEKEND! YES!
-Having one of your favorite people come into town and going to happy hour to celebrate!

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