subtle can pop right?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Friday everyone! This is a look I sported over the last weekend. I was in the mood to incorporate some more contrasting colors in my makeup, but I didn't want it to be garish or day inappropriate. This look is super easy to achieve, just one color in the lid and a combination of a few soft browns in the crease to blend everything out and create a bit of dimension.

Bringing the blue liner on top of the orange means this look is quite a statement though, so be prepared for people to ask you what liner you're wearing!

Products Used:
~~MAC Firespot eyeshadow
~~MAC Soft Brown eyeshadow
~~Jane Rockstar eyeshadow
~~MAC Embark eyeshadow
~~MAC Sketch eyeshadow
~~Stila smudge pot in electric blue
~~Rimmel the MAX Bold Curves Mascara

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