"OH MY GOD YOU GUYS DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS?!?!? No, you don’t, because her wig is f-ing terrible"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

--Image from Fashion it So

Yeah that's right - that's supposed to be Dr. Crusher. Why are you still on my blog again? THERE'S A LINK RIGHT THERE! (And in case that made absolutely no sense, this is possibly the most hilarious screen capture/commentary on an XXX parody ever. Please don't miss out. You don't wanna be that person.)
The Bookness said...

Your write beautifully.

♥ http://mybookness.blogspot.com

Dana said...

Haha well this isn't exactly an example of the eloquence I hope I possess in the other posts that take me longer than 2 minutes to write, but thank you!

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