Shopping In My Closet - Week 1 (5/1-5/7)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Welcome to the first week of round-ups for my 'Shopping In My Closet' Challenge! It's been a tough week, not gonna lie, and outfit wise there have been some definite hits and misses. In general though I think this has been positive so far and it's really been forcing me to think outside my normal box when it comes to clothing!

Ok so yeah - the whole maxi skirt thing? Totally not gonna be my trend. Maybe I did it wrong, it's completely possible, but I think it's more likely that I'm a dress girl. Also this was the day where I thought it would be a good plan to go out volunteering after a night of drinking and debauchery. It was not a good plan.

~ Dress (worn as skirt): NY&Co ~ Shirt: Forever21+ ~ Cardigan: Torrid ~ Boots: Steve Madden ~

I liked this outfit a lot better and since this is a shirt I've owned for a few years now and never worn this way, I'm happy.

~ Shirt: Torrid ~ Tank: Forever21+ ~ Skirt: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Shoes: Payless ~

The whole decorative cardigan look is something I've seen on a lot of other bloggers and loved, but I questioned how it would look on me. Mostly because my cardigans are worn for warmth not looks, and most of the time when I get to work I take them off. This take doesn't suck though and I wore a never before used fashion choice - waist accent belt. I still wish my dang pearl necklace was longer though...

~ Shirt: Forever21+ ~ Cardigan: Torrid ~ Pants: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Belt: Torrid (used to be on a jacket) ~ Pearl necklace: Gift ~ Cameo: Eastern Market ~

First off let me assure you this looked  a lot cuter in life/motion. Looking back I do think the scarf was a bit much, but I think it's honestly the first time I've worn it since I bought it years ago. The scarf is probably gonna get tossed, but the rest will be reworked as I see fit. 

~ Jacket: LOFT ~ Shirt: Forever21+ ~ Jeans: Forever21+ ~ Rainboots: Marshalls ~

I was questioning this outfit on myself when right before I left the house, but all in all I think this was a good twist on a leopard favorite.

~ Shirt: Urban Outfitters ~ Tank: Torrid ~ Skirt: Jones New York (thrifted) ~ Belt: Torrid ~

This was my coworker's personal favorite and one that made me feel both tall and nicely seventies (at least in my head). Plus it's one of the rare pictures of me tucking a shirt into pants. 

~ Shirt: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Pants: American Eagle ~ Belt: NY&Co (? - it's so old I really have no idea) ~

For the last day I just decided to go for broke and wear a dress that I love but seems to never come out of my closet. The wrap is another scarf that I bought when I was in that 'phase' but have never worn. Don't hate it, but don't love it either.

~ Dress: Target ~ Scarf (worn as wrap): Random mall find ~ Shoes: TJ Maxx (in NC) ~

So what do we think? Did I do ok for my first week?
Kiko said...

I still love the white dress! And I like it with the scarf, although I think the scarf makes it dressier. And I love day 6. You know how I feel about animal prints, but and I don't know if I love the color of the cardigan with the skirt/dress, but I agree - I think I like it better on you as a dress =) BUT - I have seen you do the long skirt and I like them on you, so maybe it's just the patterning that throws me off? I dunno.
Day 6 may be my favorite as well. But I'm boring like that =P

Dana said...

Yeah with the white dress I was fine with the 'dressier' effect just cause I don't have a denim jacket and that's really the only thing I would wear with it :-/

But I think Makiko that maybe the long skirt and I are no longer friends. Hovering around my knee is usually the best bet for everything (unless I'm purposefully showing a little leg, lol).

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