Leonard Nimoy being lazy - loves it :D

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I don't know her and she doesn't know me but I love her.

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AMAZING! I think I just died a little.

(Nightmare Before Christmas)

(City at Sunset)

(Little Mermaid)

(Full Face Sunset)

subtle can pop right?

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Happy Friday everyone! This is a look I sported over the last weekend. I was in the mood to incorporate some more contrasting colors in my makeup, but I didn't want it to be garish or day inappropriate. This look is super easy to achieve, just one color in the lid and a combination of a few soft browns in the crease to blend everything out and create a bit of dimension.

Bringing the blue liner on top of the orange means this look is quite a statement though, so be prepared for people to ask you what liner you're wearing!

Products Used:
~~MAC Firespot eyeshadow
~~MAC Soft Brown eyeshadow
~~Jane Rockstar eyeshadow
~~MAC Embark eyeshadow
~~MAC Sketch eyeshadow
~~Stila smudge pot in electric blue
~~Rimmel the MAX Bold Curves Mascara

(my very first) awkward and awesome thursday

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Awkward and Awesome Thursday was started over at the blog The Daybook! Sydney (and her husband) seem to be super cool and her outfits are fantastic so I recommend you go and take a look!

-Trying to redefine my style and realizing I don't want to wear at least 40% of what I have in my closet. Ok, that's maybe a bit much. Let's say 30%.
-Going to the gym over lunch, eating a salad with protein rich grilled chicken afterward, having a piece of ice cream cake and then realizing that I'm just as hungry as before I started.
-Worrying that everything I've ever done in my life has been in a pointless desire to feel 'normal'. Which I recognize is impossible.
-Wondering what the hell I'm doing with my life and where it's going to take m.
-Realizing that even when I have stuff to say on my blogs I don't want to be annoying so I have to schedule a post instead of just posting immediately. Which kind of lessons the level of the emotional high I had when I was inspired.
-Thinking that I guess it's time to start enjoying my company for its own sake, because sometimes other people just aren't around for the cool stuff.

-Spending last Thursday out with the roomie, drinking bubble tea and watching baseball. It almost sounds like summer doesn't it?
-Buying a Michael Bolton greatest hits CD (I miss you mom!) and then proceeding to listen to it the entire bus ride into work on Friday - and pretty much every day since.
-Reading a hilarious (and screen captured) blog post discussing the XXX Star Trek TNG parody
-Following my roommate's link to The Daybook and realizing that not only do I love this girl Sydney I also love her style. And her husband. But him I love him in a more 'OMG he is the sweetest guy every, they're so lucky to have each other' kind of way. Which is totally not creepy.
-Celebrating that during my first year as part of the leadership team at PIE (it's a volunteer thing) I didn't screw anything up (at least irreparably).
-Raiding my roommate's closet when I'm lacking in outfit inspiration and need something funky.
-Knowing that it's almost the Friday before a LONG WEEKEND! YES!
-Having one of your favorite people come into town and going to happy hour to celebrate!

I shopped!

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Well ok, to be truthful, I ALMOST shopped. I was in Dupont picking up some Chipotle (woot salad!) and got distracted by the '50% off sale' sign in the window of Ann Taylor LOFT. I knew I shouldn't and really couldn't buy anything, but it never hurts to try stuff on right?

Luckily the world was apparently up for helping me stick to the promise I made myself, because nothing was all together that special. Or if it WAS special it was more expensive then I'd be willing to pay for in a normal month, let alone right now.

Still I figured my effort would make today a great day to post my first 'dressing room haul'. It just gives you all a chance to see some of the sale items plus a few pieces from the new Spring/Summer line. Let's get started shall we?

Don't worry people - I was 'eh' about the shirt and the shorts were TOO short. I'm not sure if this is a sign of things to come, but neither of these were a keeper.

The top may have had a chance if it hadn't been an XL, but since I already have a chambray shirt from Ann Taylor Factory, this one didn't really work for me (plus it had a weird bubble bottom thing going on - ick). The shorts, while longer, hung funny and I think made my hips and legs look wide. Next!

 Eh on these shorts too. I didn't like the pockets, the length, or how they fit.

This jacket though? I LOVE this and believe me when it goes on sale I'm gonna get it. Love the way it nips in at the waist slightly and has sleeves that can be rolled up so I don't get too hot.

Ignore the top - I didn't like it and this picture is all about the skirt. I loved the fit (if not the size) of this pencil skirt and the print was divine. Plus it was lined, which makes me feel I'm not going to have to worry about panty lines even with all the white. I'm going to be keeping my eye out for this during future sales.

And finally, the lone dress. Ick. The waist was too low and whatever the heck they were trying to doing with the faux-wrap went terribly wrong on me.

I hope you enjoyed my first 'dressing room haul'! Even if nothing came home with me today it's definitely given me things to think about for the future, which makes me consider this one a success (especially for my wallet).

i should probably post a sign

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"Watch where you sit - (aspiring) makeup artist on the premises"

And yes, another friend bites the dust. K,  came over on Sunday to play with makeup. While we started with an easy gold/bronzey eye - good for going out -  we finished with what I like to call the subtle pinup eye. Subtle for me that is.

Everything's done with soft matte eyeshadows, blended really well so there's a steady gradation from nude on the lid, soft brown in the crease, to dark brown in the outer 'V'. I only used 3 eyeshadows, and then did the cat eye liner with the Physicians Formula liner I just bought. I love how dark it is and how easy the brush is to handle - it's expensive for drugstore though, so I'd wait for a sale. I made sure to tightline with black kohl liner to get that really full lash look and finished off with a few coats of mascara, top and bottom. Hope you like it!

Products Used:
~~tart cosmetics holiday treasure chest - matte eyeshadows
~~Eye BOOSTER 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum
~~Sephora kohl eyeliner pencil in 01 keep black

Thanks, K, for being my model!

Shopping In My Closet - Week 3 (5/15-5/21)

Look at this! This is me coming up on the last *GASP* few days of my personal challenge! I've still got a week and a few days to go but I'm doing it so far! I can't complain that it's been a breeze though, there have been some ups and downs and serious shopping withdrawal.

I mean Hautelook? So not my friend this month, and in fact I've had to start deleting the emails before I even see what's for sale that day. I had to, because if I didn't serious pouting commenced and that's no fun for anyone.

I'm not sure if I'd say my outfits were getting 'better' though. I'm better pinpointing what I'd rather have in my closet, but creating new outfits it still hard. Maybe it'll always be hard. Maybe all those fashion bloggers are just making it look easy, like every fashion magazine picture ever.


Top: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Jeans: Forever21+ ~ Necklace: Gift

Top: Yoga store in Bethesda? I think? ~ Pants: H&M ~ Cardigan: Torrid

This was a rainy and gross day so just imagine the skinny jeans and rainboots combination from the outfit post last week. You'll get the general idea ;)

Jacket: Jones New York (thrifted) ~ Cardigan: Some shop in Germany ~ Turtleneck: Ann Taylor ~ Necklace: Some shop in Ireland

Look at me rolling up the sleeves to my blazer! Not perfect but I have to say this was a good day.

Blazer: teen flo (T.J. Maxx) ~ Top: Forever21+ ~ Jeans: Forever21+ ~ Boots: Steve Madden

Top: Express ~ Tank: Forever21+ ~ Skirt: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Belt: Torrid

Top: Express ~ Cardigan: Forever21+ ~ Skirt: Torrid ~ Belt: Forever21 (roomie's) ~ Necklace: Eastern Market (roomie's)

Top: Forever21+ ~ Jeans: Forever 21+ ~ Shoes: Guess (DSW) ~ Bag: Lou Lou

this is not a hat

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it is a sun protection device. and i'm sticking to that story.

now don't you wish you had an office job?

i realize that we are not in a lesbian love snuggle but these pictures of them with books?
i feel like we should totally do that

wait, we don't do lesbian love snuggles?
since when??

well see you decided you liked peen
and i liked nothing
i think that was when we decided
lol :P

the peen

i know. it ruins many a good lesbian love snuggle

though i feel most lesbian snuggles end in lesbian sex

i think that is how the majority of them end. not in ridiculously cute photo sessions, but lesbian sex
no thank you

well OUR lesbian cuddles can end in photoshoots

oh good. i'm glad we're not holding ourselves to the standards of other lesbian cuddles
because obviously ours is superior

ours ends in photoshoots
nuff said

the little things

Sometimes in the midst of life stress I forget how much the little things make me happy. Today I've been thankful for...

 ice cream cake

 yellow nail polish

coral lipstick and freshly threaded eyebrows

but really, I have to be most thankful for all my friends, who continually manage to like and support me (even when I'm bogged down by existential bullsh*t).

"OH MY GOD YOU GUYS DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS?!?!? No, you don’t, because her wig is f-ing terrible"

--Image from Fashion it So

Yeah that's right - that's supposed to be Dr. Crusher. Why are you still on my blog again? THERE'S A LINK RIGHT THERE! (And in case that made absolutely no sense, this is possibly the most hilarious screen capture/commentary on an XXX parody ever. Please don't miss out. You don't wanna be that person.)

Alter or not? A great post on Extra Petite

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One of my favorite bloggers (ever really) is Jean at Extra Petite. I know, I know, you don't have to tell me - I'm not petite! But you know what? It doesn't matter when I want to see fashion inspirations or when I'm learning about fit and alterations. Those things are applicable to anyone and I feel like I've learned a lot about proportions and what will look good on my shape, even though I'm not technically petite.

Today Jean just put up a post entitled "To alter or not to alter: a guide to getting items tailored." It's a fantastic post and I highly recommend that if you've ever stood in the dressing room trying to decide if something was worth it or not you read this post. If nothing else you'll get the fleshed out explanation of this incredibly helpful visual:

 -Image from Extra Petite

GRH remembers Jim Henson

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21 years ago yesterday one of television's brightest and most brilliant creators, Jim Henson, died. Here's a small place for remembrance, and a great look at what made his work so unforgettable.

--from The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson

Shopping In My Closet - Week 2 (5/8-5/14)

I've survived week two! Amazing! I have to say this whole not buying thing isn't getting any easier, but at least the outfits keep coming. Not everything was as 'unique' and 'new' this week, but hey I'm not perfect. I'm TIRED in the morning and even though I told myself I was going to pick pieces the night before, it totally doesn't happen.

Dress: NY&Co ~ Belt: Target ~ Shoes: Ralph Lauren ~ Bag: shiraleah (Lou Lou)

Shirt: Express ~ Pants: Ann Taylor

Shirt: Express ~ Tank: Forever21+ ~ Skirt: Torrid ~ Shoes: Eva & Zoe

Shirt: NY&Co ~ Skirt: Forever21+ ~ Belt: Urban Outfitters

This is one of the firsts of the week - I tucked my cardigan into my skirt! I've seen it done a lot on petite blogs but was never confident about doing it was the cardigans I actually own now. Luckily this is a thin one I bought a little while ago and it worked well in this pairing.

Tank: Ann Taylor LOFT ~ Cardigan: Forever21+ ~ Skirt: Ann Taylor Factory

I love this top! I bought it from Banana Republic over the Christmas season and I adore it. It's so soft and floaty and looks great tucked into skirts. Here I tried something waaay different for me and put a belt over it. It's definitely going to be a new favorite combination of mine.

Shirt: Banana Republic ~ Jeans: Forever21+ ~ Belt: Torrid

This was definitely the comfiest look of the week. Might not have been the most 'fashionable', in fact I feel like I could be taken for an employee at Torrid, but whatever - it felt great and I was running around in the rain most of the day.

Shirt: Torrid ~ Skirt: Forever21+ ~ Tights: Forever21+ ~ Boots: Steve Madden


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That got your attention didn't it? Really this is just a weekend round-up post that I disguised with a segue about the new movie Bridesmaids - which I did see, so it's not a total lie.

In all realness I do have a few things I learned over the past couple days that I wanted to share with you?

1) Any Chanel foundation lovers out there? I went by the Chanel counter in Pentagon City and snagged a peak at the marketing material for their upcoming fall (September) foundation - Perfection Lumiere. Sorry I didn't think to grab a picture, but it sounds like a long wearing, fuller coverage foundation that is actually available in BROWN PEOPLE shades! It's amazing! There was a whole row - at the top of the ad booklet even - showcasing the darker shades. It might still disappoint me come September, but I'm excited to give it a try!

2) New Lip Products! Also in wandering around I came across a couple new lip products that I think you will love! First is the Bare Escentuals Pretty Amazing Lip Color. They're super pigmented, long lasting, and very easy to apply with the skinny doe foot applicator. I tried out the hot pink/raspberry shade Ambition and highly recommend it.

At bluemercury (local chain) I tried on what will (come June) more than likely be my new favorite red lip color. Laura Mercier's Lip Stain in Scarlet is fantastic! It's super long lasting with an even more pleasant finish than the BE, and lasted well through my movie and most of dinner. I've never tried the OCC lip tars, but if I had to compare it just by what I've seen on YouTube, I'd say the products are very similar. A little goes a LOOONG way.

3) Movie Shame. I call this one movie shame because I should really know better. Remember that dinky bomb of a movie, No Strings Attached? Neither Natalie Portman or Ashton Kutcher were enough to save it from box office obscurity. Yet why does the preview of Friends with Benefits intrigue me? It's like the same exact movie just with Justin Timberlake. Sigh. Which I have to admit is kind of why I want to see it. Dammit JT, when did I start liking you so much?! Also Woody Harrelson? Love it.

4) Bridesmaids. You thought I was going to forget didn't you? The short & sweet version of the story is that I saw Bridesmaids yesterday (damn you Thor for being only available in 3D) and it was not bad at all. At times sweet, hilarious, humiliating, and horrifyingly disgusting, I feel it was mostly worth my $11.50. I still wish it'd had more previews though, because I was actually really interested in that part.

P.S. - Almost forgot! I also REALLY REALLY wanna see the new Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts film Larry Crowne. Call me a sucker for a possibly well done romance but....yeah no. Just call me a sucker. I'm still excited though!

Summer Makeup Tip #1

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Want coverage but worried about suffocating your skin in the heat? 

Spot conceal under the eyes, around the nose, and on any blemishes but skip full foundation! Finish with some mattifying powder that has a bit of pigment like MAC's Mineralized Skinfinish in Natural or Laura Mercier's Foundation Powder and you're good to go!

Playing in CG-land

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Cyber Goth Land that is! I actually kind of liked how this turned, though as a first try I wasn't doing it as carefully as I should if I wanted to wear it out. Placement of some of the decoration is also a little dicey, but not bad right?! I'll definitely be trying this again and full-faced!

Products Used:
~~MAC Shadestick in Sea Me
~~Urban Decay eyeshadow in Alice
~~Paula Dorf eyeshadow in Hussy
~~e.l.f. cream liner in black
~~MAC Reflects Glitter in Transparent Teal

And are we surprised that this is based on another YouTube video? NOPE!

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to remember

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perfection is unrealistic and ultimately unattainable. 

loving myself the way I am right now though? that i can do.

i want (but can't have)

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My lack of shopping has officially set in. I'm about to start my second bag of donations as a consequence of the challenge (4th if we're talking in general) and I'm feeling antsy. What I'd like to try on right now...

I don't even know why I wanna try this on! I can already tell now the flounce is going to look ridiculous on me, and that's if we ignore the fact that the rouching around the chesticle area is also not going to be flattering! But still - it calls to me. 

 Again I can't tell you why I'm all of a sudden in the mood for shorts. I know - I KNOW - they're going to that fat girl right up between my thighs. And yet I still want to try them on just to to be sure.

 Ditto for these. Though linen shorts? That just seems to be asking for wrinkly crotch.

 Again, could be hideous, could not. I just DON'T KNOW.

Oh and these? I blame these fully and completely on i am Khatu. I mean look at her. How is that fair?!

taking it easy

I may have been thwarted in my attempt to wear this out, but as I actually like how it looks on me AND it's super easy, I think it deserves a post - even if I was a little sloppy in the application.

Products Used:
~~MAC Greasepaint Stick in Slick Black
~~MAC Deep Truth eyeshadow
~~Milani Liquif-Eye eye liner pencil in 01 black (for lining the inner rim)
~~Ardell Wispies (lashes)

This is based on the uber-wonderful look by Sam of Pixiwoo:

Shopping In My Closet - Week 1 (5/1-5/7)

Welcome to the first week of round-ups for my 'Shopping In My Closet' Challenge! It's been a tough week, not gonna lie, and outfit wise there have been some definite hits and misses. In general though I think this has been positive so far and it's really been forcing me to think outside my normal box when it comes to clothing!

Ok so yeah - the whole maxi skirt thing? Totally not gonna be my trend. Maybe I did it wrong, it's completely possible, but I think it's more likely that I'm a dress girl. Also this was the day where I thought it would be a good plan to go out volunteering after a night of drinking and debauchery. It was not a good plan.

~ Dress (worn as skirt): NY&Co ~ Shirt: Forever21+ ~ Cardigan: Torrid ~ Boots: Steve Madden ~

I liked this outfit a lot better and since this is a shirt I've owned for a few years now and never worn this way, I'm happy.

~ Shirt: Torrid ~ Tank: Forever21+ ~ Skirt: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Shoes: Payless ~

The whole decorative cardigan look is something I've seen on a lot of other bloggers and loved, but I questioned how it would look on me. Mostly because my cardigans are worn for warmth not looks, and most of the time when I get to work I take them off. This take doesn't suck though and I wore a never before used fashion choice - waist accent belt. I still wish my dang pearl necklace was longer though...

~ Shirt: Forever21+ ~ Cardigan: Torrid ~ Pants: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Belt: Torrid (used to be on a jacket) ~ Pearl necklace: Gift ~ Cameo: Eastern Market ~

First off let me assure you this looked  a lot cuter in life/motion. Looking back I do think the scarf was a bit much, but I think it's honestly the first time I've worn it since I bought it years ago. The scarf is probably gonna get tossed, but the rest will be reworked as I see fit. 

~ Jacket: LOFT ~ Shirt: Forever21+ ~ Jeans: Forever21+ ~ Rainboots: Marshalls ~

I was questioning this outfit on myself when right before I left the house, but all in all I think this was a good twist on a leopard favorite.

~ Shirt: Urban Outfitters ~ Tank: Torrid ~ Skirt: Jones New York (thrifted) ~ Belt: Torrid ~

This was my coworker's personal favorite and one that made me feel both tall and nicely seventies (at least in my head). Plus it's one of the rare pictures of me tucking a shirt into pants. 

~ Shirt: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Pants: American Eagle ~ Belt: NY&Co (? - it's so old I really have no idea) ~

For the last day I just decided to go for broke and wear a dress that I love but seems to never come out of my closet. The wrap is another scarf that I bought when I was in that 'phase' but have never worn. Don't hate it, but don't love it either.

~ Dress: Target ~ Scarf (worn as wrap): Random mall find ~ Shoes: TJ Maxx (in NC) ~

So what do we think? Did I do ok for my first week?