Awkward and Awesome (6/16)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

-Waking up Sunday morning with puffy eyes due to *duh duh duuuuuh* allergies. I lived in one of the most pollen filled states in the world for 22 years and NOW I get allergies? Pooh on all this.
-Waking up Monday morning to no power. For almost the entirety of my morning routine. Especially that makeup part where you know, I don't need lights at ALL.
-Eye twitching. Eye twitching is possibly the most awkward thing ever.
-Women who come into the public restroom after me and for some inexplicable reason choose the stall RIGHT NEXT TO MINE. You're too close lady, too close.
-Reading that some women refer to what they do to their hair before shampooing as 'pre-pooing'. Seriously people? We can't just say 'before shampooing'?!
-The way they'll only subtitle SOME of the Spanish in Quiero Mi Boda. I am just as invested as anyone else in learning about how these wonderfully multicultural nuptials take place, but unfortunately I was not born in Hispanic land!
-That picture of my snack yesterday. It tasted awesome but for some reason I think eating croutons dipped in Laughing Cow cheese is awkward.

-40% off sale items at Banana Republic
-Giftcards again!
-Planning trips to NY to see friends
-Quiero Mi Boda on MTV Tr3s
-Being strong enough to say no to cute shoes. Shoes that while cute did not fulfill an independent function in my closet. Yay me! (even if a little voice in my keeps saying 'GO BACK AND BUY THEM!' I am still resisting)
-Ladyhawke. Have you seen that movie? It is full of awesome! Starting with the fantastic soundtrack that seriously makes me feel like I'm in a She-Ra cartoon looking for my sword. They just don't make 'em like they did in 1985.

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