Awkward and Awesome (6/30)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

 I think I've watched too many episodes (old OLD episodes) of ANTM

-Realizing yet again that when people are in a sucky mood it can ruin your...well pretty much everything.
-Trying to come up with new outfit poses. And failing miserably.
-A creepy guy following you around in CVS just to say 'hi' when you mistakenly make eye contact.
-Having the perfect pair of pants to wear but not the perfect pair of shoes to wear them with.
-A stuffy left ear.

-Thinking of deliciously devious ways to get back at said sucky people.
-Sugar cookies
-Free food!
-TUBING! Tubing is amazing and fingers crossed I'll be doing that again this summer
-Win for the little guys. Don't think I don't notice my Extra Care Bucks only last a day CVS. I'm willing to do as many separate transactions as I need to to use all of them.

Edit: I know you THINK I may be posting this late, but actually I had it all ready to go yesterday and just forgot to click post. Thus it totally counts.

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