Awkward and Awesome

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This is the BFF. The one who officially doesn't work at Cheesecake Factory anymore. Isn't her moment awesome?!

-realizing that you haven't been paying enough attention to have good awkward moments to share with everyone
-being forced to acknowledge that I'm only busy all the time due to my own inability to stop taking on additional commitments!
-shopping when you're determined to only buy things thoughtfully
-the HEAT! Ugh the heat. It's so horrible.

-winning a gift card!
-learning that BRAND NEW EPISODES of Pop-Up Video will be on VH1 this fall
-dumplings made in the microwave
-friends who eat both with you!
-Rita's real lemonade water ice
-Rainbow Brite costume brainstorming
-Roller derby Uhura costume brainstorming
-spending time at the Cheesecake Factory bar while my BFF has her very last shift there

Ok that's it. I have no more awkwards or awesomes in me at the moment. Hopefully no one is disappointed ;)


-the random things I buy in bulk: chapsticks (from ebay) and ramen (Asian Food Grocer (website))
Kiko said...

YES. Ramen & Dumplings = awesome. In fact, you may have inspired my lunch. Maybe. except I don't have bok choy for the ramen. hmm.... =P

Dana said...

I've had to accept that as it's almost impossible to find good baby bok choy outside of Asian markets, egg will have to make my ramen good enough :)

Kiko said...

This is where working just blocks from Korea Town for the summer is going to come in handy =P

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