Awkward and Awesome

Thursday, June 2, 2011

-Having bugs suddenly decide to attack while you're trying to take a picture (see above)
-Trying to decide which necklaces can be combined and which ones should just be left alone
-Realizing that after 31 days of not buying anything new I STILL have clothes I haven't worn yet. Sigh.
-Experimenting with skinny jeans length and amount of 'cuff'-ness
-Jean shorts (this may change to awesome later but right now it's still kind of in the awkward category)
-The heat. The heat is AWFUL. It jumped right into summer and in the words of a man determined to wear shorts, "They don't even have spring here anymore. There's winter, then it rains a for a couple weeks, and then the entire landscape turns into A FIERY PIT OF HOT LAVA."
-The gym. I hate it. I hate it still and a lot. I've gone super intermittently these past couple weeks and I'm not sure if I should be ashamed or accept the fact that I get to choose when I go, guilt-free.

-Pho dinner in Chinatown with roomie
-Going horseback riding
-SQUEEGEE-ING a horse. You heard that right - squeegee-ing a horse.
-Pork BBQ sandwiches
-Skinny Girl Margaritas
-Amazon Prime. Thank you for letting me be extra lazy and delivering books right to my door :D
-Chipotle salads with chicken. YUM!
-Nude pumps and lace cardigans.

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