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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My new love? Coral lipgloss. It may have begun in lipsticks, but the coral toned lipgloss is my new favorite for summer. It's subtle but brightening, and even in the tube it can make me happy. Why wouldn't I do some shopping around for a favorite or two?

Let me point out though that this post isn't about favorites - at least not yet. I haven't used either lipgloss enough to be able to say (I switch too often) but if you were looking for another piece to add to your own collection, I figure why not show the ones I have in more depth?

Plus when a friend asks for more hi-def(ish) photos of products I really like, why not go for it?

Both products are in typical lipgloss packaging, with long four-sided tubes. The Revlon has a quilt pattern handle and Chanel that unbeatable brilliance.

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in 020 Papaya (~$7.49)

Chanel Glossimer in 149 Nakkar (~$28.50)

The applicators for these lipglosses are pretty different. The Chanel glossimer has a more familiar slanted doe foot applicator, while the Revlon has a flat, kind of rectangular shaped brush. The Revlon applicator also has more give to it, so sometimes I find it a little hard to get a precise application.

The Gloss:
Before I took swatch pictures I would have said the Revlon is a cream while the Chanel has obvious shimmer. But if you look really closely below you can see that the Revlon lipgloss has a tiny bit of shimmer, though it's not apparent so much on the lips. In general the Revlon has more pigment, as it's a mostly cream formula and the shimmer of the Chanel lipgloss is suspended in a more translucent base. It does impart some color when I apply it, but not a whole lot. 

On the Lips:
These pictures aren't perfect, but they don't do too bad a job showing just how pretty these lipglosses are. They bring a hint of color to the face and change the tone of my lips to something warmer, and I love them both. Ultimately the Revlon might win in terms of texture, because it's a bitter thinner, but Chanel's is more long lasting due to its thicker consistency (not sticky really, just thicker). And if you were wondering I don't feel any gritty glittery particles or anything with the Chanel gloss - it's just beautiful when you apply :)

Overall I love both the Revlon and the Chanel. They're nice on, they're pretty colors, and I don't regret buying either of them. If I can't splurge now again on a ridiculous item that just makes me happy, life wouldn't be worth living.

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