Beauty Q&A: Pencil Eyeliner

Monday, June 13, 2011

Q: hey - do you have a suggestion for a good black pencil eyeliner. i need something thats pretty firm, and doesnt smudge that much. i always end up with eyeliner bleed and its frustrating.

Hmmm bleed is something I've never found a way to completely control with pencil, even with the slightly more expensive ones. My favorite is the Sephora black kohl liner - it's so black - but with my watery eyes I can get smudges at the outer corners. I've heard great things about Milani's Liquif-Eye liner (you can get it at CVS) and I'm trying it out now, but I don't have a firm opinion yet.

What you might want to try (if you're willing to spend the money) is Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Liner. The majority of the reviews I've read have been positive and it seems like one of the products other companies are hoping to 'beat'.

I also heard tales of an incredible Giorgio Armani liner that's great, but it was limited edition in a collection that was released last year and now you can't get it. Because of course women never need a company to consistently produce a liner that will not only stay put on the waterlines but be really black at the same time. No one EVER needs that.

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