Happy Captain Picard Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

....belated anyway. Sometimes I could wish The Mary Sue would update just when I'm remembering to reload the site because then I'd see things like this more quickly! Still, from The Mary Sue...

"It’s the day that corresponds with Stardate 47457.1, that’s what. It was first mentioned as Picard Day in Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s, a day when the Enterprise would host children as a way of showing them what the Starfleet experience was like."

And before anyone asks me, yes I know which episode they're referring to in that explanation. I've seen it multiple times. Because I'm just that cool. But if you're one of the poor lost souls still looking for a reason to love Captain Picard, please see what kind of greatness can occur when he pops up on Sesame Street.

Enough said, am I right?

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