Awkward and Awesome (6/23)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

-Swollen eye. Just the left eye to be exact. It's very attractive (as I'm sure you can imagine).
-Taking these pictures on the roof. While people were trying to eat their lunches without being invaded by the sight of me hiding behind greenery. You win some, you lose some.
-Sleeping for a solid 8hrs and still being tired! Ugh.
-The many awkward moments that happen on public transportation. Most of them involve me thinking not-very-nice thoughts about other people.

-Estee Lauder creme eyeshadows at the CCO! I might seriously have to have them all. They're like Pokemon but without the cute little containers.
-Ann Taylor Factory. I love it - which is kind of  a problem as I don't want to look like I got attacked by a mannequin. It's a delicate balance, creating a sense of style.

Quick and dirty folks, that's how I like it, and those are all the awkwards and awesomes I have for you today!
RDT said...

These might be my most favorite pictures of you ever. Where's Waldo suits you SO well. Can you do another photoshoot like this wearing a striped red and white shirt please? thank you.

Dana said...

BWAHAHA! Your most favorite EVER?! That's a lot of favorite.

And while I don't own a red and white striped shirt, maybe - maybe - you'll see some similar pics in a black and white striped one ;)

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