Inspired - Kelly Rowland in 'What a Feeling'

Friday, June 3, 2011

Last week sometime, through some random internet clicking I think, I stumbled up the video for Kelly Rowland's new single 'What a Feeling' (which doesn't sound anything like the other song called 'What a Feeling'). I was really impressed with the makeup throughout because I don't think either of the main looks are either over the top or too garish. They fit the fun dance theme of the video and I think compliment Kelly's natural beauty well. And so, in one of my rare moments, I decided to try and do my own version of the 'blue liner' look Kelly sports in the video. Que the YouTube screen caps:

As you can see the look seems to mostly consist of a light smokey eye, brown/taupe tones, with bright blue liner smudged underneath. Nice right? We all love it.

Now with something that's both subjective and specific, it was kind of a b*tch to do myself. There was a lot of random swatching on the back of my hand because not only did I need to try and get the gold color on the lid right, the blue had to be REALLY vivid. Like screaming from across the room vivid - which for me says I need liner as a base and a badass shadow to smudge on top. 
When it came to actually doing the look myself though, I have to admit that half the time I was worried I'd f*cked it up. Things looked ok, then weird again, then ok - it was confusing to say the very least. I like the gold I picked for my lid but then Twinks in my crease started to go too brown; it'd be ok for a different look but Kelly's smokey eye makeup is still on the cool side, or at least it looks that way on her skin tone. Luckily a bit of Satin Taupe made things sufficiently cool and as usual Beauty Marked was a wonderful soft black to use on the outer 'V' - it blends like a dream and is never too pigmented or too harsh.

The blue underneath the eye was surprisingly doable, I just had to resist every natural instinct I had that was telling me I was bringing the color too far down. I'm not sure I'd have finished off the look the same if it'd just been up to me, but as a tribute to the work I saw in Kelly's video, I don't think it's half bad.

Products Used:
~~Tarte Holiday Kit, gold eyeshadow
~~MAC Twinks eyeshadow
~~MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow
~~MAC Beauty Marked eyeshadow
~~MAC Sea Me shadestick
~~MAC Freshwater eyeshadow
~~UD Alice eyeshadow
~~LORAC little black dress palette, lightest eyeshadow (highlight)
~~Physicians Formula eye liner
~~Milani Liquif-Eye in Black
~~Rimmel Glam'Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara in 003 Kohl Black

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