Shopping In My Closet - Week 4 (5/22-5/31)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Know what this is? THIS my friends, is the last weekly summary of the shopping in my closet challenge. I hope you enjoy the randomness - and the extra days!

The roomie is 'eh' about this jacket and I'm on the fence, but I was SO GLAD I wore it anyway. It may have been hot outside it was freezing cold everywhere else.

Dress: Forever21+ ~ Jacket: Torrid

I had thought of wearing some spiffy red heels with this, but then it turned out to be a sick day. Flats it is!

Dress: Forever21+ ~ Belt: Urban Outfitters ~ Cardigan: Torrid

One of the few H&M items I own and really like.

Dress: H&M ~ Tank: Forever 21+

Dress: Forever21+

Don't worry world, those are not 'nipple shots'. I'm falling victim to slightly misplaced darting, and I love the dress enough to just not care.

Dress: H&M ~ Tank: Forever21+ ~ Necklace: roomie's

Hmmm, a TJ Maxx find that for the life of me I can't identify. At least while I sit work with no access to the dress itself. Sorry!

Dress: Don't remember ~ Wedges: Target (old)

Ok let me be clear - this was a pool day. Yes, I know, I'm not showing this dress in the most flattering light but I'm on my way home at this point and everyone will just have to deal.

Dress: Thrifted ~ Hat: Lou Lou

Gotta love the questionable jean cuffing. And the necklace that looking at these pictures make me doubt.

Shirt: Forever21+ ~ Jeans: Forever21+ ~ Necklace: rando store in Ireland ~ Flats: American Eagle

Horseback riding day! It's the same shirt from the day before. We're all just going to have be ok with this repeat because I was HORSEBACK RIDING.

Shirt: Forever21+ ~ Jeans: Old Navy ~ Boots: Steve Madden

I feel like I ended on a high note with this one, in an outfit showing off pants AND a shirt that I don't think I wore at any other time this month. Plus I'm doing Stacey and Clinton's favorite pairing of a subtle print with a bolder one.

Shirt: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Pants: Ann Taylor LOFT ~ Cardigan: rando store in Germany ~ Belt: Ann Taylor Factory

And that's it folks! I hope you all enjoyed the journey through my closet, even if I still have many, many, pieces I actually didn't get around to wearing. I'm sure some of them will pop up here occasionally either way, so I'll try not to cry in a corner about it. A blooper pic post might be coming up, I haven't decided yet, but check back in later if you're ready for some laughs!

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