My FIRST EVER Bloggers Do It Better

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

But do they really? REALLY? I can't actually verify it- there's no bloggers truth police for example - but the idea definitely isn't bad. It gives me the opportunity to go out and not only find random crap in my own closet to wear, but borrow it from other people!

It boggles the mind.

Just recently while traversing the blogosphere I came across the site Pretty Shiny Sparkly and her 'Bloggers Do It Better' Challenge. As Kristina describes it, it is "an initiative to showcase real girls, with real style, wearing real trends." Sounds nice doesn't it? A couple of topics went by before I found/decided to join in on the fun, but  my first foray is going to happen with the wonderful combination of...

Neon + Neutral

Tank: Forever21 ~ Cardigan: Torrid ~ Skirt: Banana Republic ~ Belt: Urban Outfitters

It's not magical, in fact you might not even be able to tell just how BRIGHT that tank top is, but I like it. I put it together, it made me feel good, and I'm excited to try this combination again. Though possibly with a piece of clothing that is actually mine and not a coworker's ;)
Toria said...

Simple yet it! :)

Dana said...

Thanks! I'm excited for the next BDIB challenge - it'll keep me on my toes!

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