Geek of the Week #1

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I have no idea how often I'll be posting these. Seriously, no idea. I don't want to commit myself to another blog series that sounds so fun in the beginning but becomes a big pain in my patooie later. Instead, I'll instruct you all to sit back and enjoy the random greatness of GRH'S Geek of the Week:

1) Dragon*Con is 65 DAYS AWAY. 65 days people! I don't know how I'm going to make it without spazzing out completely just from the sheer excitement of it all. Watching this will probably help:

-though I am a little sad I'm not in this. Where was I and why didn't the director talk to me?! I'm so cute, too.

2) With D*C so close I am feeling increasing pressure to finalize my outfits. The first and hardest to pull together is going to my Indigo look but I'm waiting for my pants! I ordered pants that are being delivered from overseas and as to not look like a shoddy cosplayer I refuse to buy fabric until they arrive. Though I am thinking an AC Moore trip is in my future for all the other little extra bits. And I have to order different purple highlights from Ebay.

3) To continue on the theme of D*C outfits (don't lie - you totally care about this) in general I'm thinking to stick to the 50's pinup theme for the whole weekend. I feel great in the look and I get to vamp it up without looking too naked. Just enough naked is what I'm going for here. I do have this mesh skirt from Forever21+ though....

4) MAKEUP! Ugh makeup for Dragon*Con is just as important to me as the outfits. I'm kind of refusing to think about this one too much though because it can really stress me out >.<

5) The very first Pixar movie to star a girl, Brave, just had its teaser released. Please check it out and salivate appropriately:

6) The geekery of this is slightly questionable, but if you've ever been interested in intelligent pop culture commentary please check out Jay Smooth. I love him and would give him pretty babies, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) I'm pretty sure he isn't interested.

7) Serenity shown on a big screen in Arlington? With beer and mozzarella sticks? The BOMB! I'm sorry you missed out. Also it increases even more my desire to be Gina Torres next year at D*C (sensing a theme here?) because she is beautiful and such a bad ass.

See? Bad ass. She would kill you and before you died you would say thank you.

Well wow. Apparently I had a lot of geek to get out this week. Before this turns into some kind of essay on why I am the way I am, let's conclude - let the Geek Be With You my friends and I'll talk to you later!

Edit: OH MY GOD I forgot to talk about Angel Does Stuff. I think it's the best new Tumbler in existence so don't be the last to partake of its greatness. It contains such notables as:

"Here’s Angel bidding farewell to Captain Peroxide himself. Well, that sure was a fun little visit. Oh Spike, you’re welcome to come again. Just maybe not so soon next time! Zing!"
Jessica said...

I am watching "Suits" purely because Gina's on it. Although I still like to think of her as Ana Espinosa.

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