in the dressing room @ Ann Taylor (6/7/11)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Super bored on my lunch break yesterday I took a venture into Ann Taylor, hoping that somewhere amongst their extra 40% off sale items there would be something I loved. Alas it was not to be, but at least you guys get to benefit with a few photos!

I actually kind of liked this top but the ruffle really couldn't decide what it was doing when it went from along the bustline to up around the neck.

Ruffle Neck Button Down (can't find online, similar here)

I actually had high hopes for this dress, mostly because the shape was nice and the belt was a great touch. Unfortunately it sat awkward and there was totally room for more than I had in the bust area - and the pleats just sat funny. No go.

Belted Crossover Dress (tall in black, here)

Apparently no one though it would be smart to label something that is more than likely only available in petite (as that's the only version of it I could find online). Too tight, too short.

Embroidered Mini Skirt (petite, here)

Sorry for the awkward pose here! It was the only way I could think of to show the batwing effect this shrug had going on. You wouldn't even be able to belt this because of the banding all along the hem/middle :(

What I learned? Ann Taylor has stupid lighting and half the stuff they say are 'online only' are available in store in one form or another.

Fingers crossed next time is a better trip!
Anonymous said...

i really like that navy top - i think it's very flattering! - k

Dana said...

if only the ruffle had been more orderly! it couldn't even decide what it was doing from one side to the next, so as much as i liked it i could see much frustration for myself in the future if i bought it.

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