Awkward and Awesome (6/30)

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 I think I've watched too many episodes (old OLD episodes) of ANTM

-Realizing yet again that when people are in a sucky mood it can ruin your...well pretty much everything.
-Trying to come up with new outfit poses. And failing miserably.
-A creepy guy following you around in CVS just to say 'hi' when you mistakenly make eye contact.
-Having the perfect pair of pants to wear but not the perfect pair of shoes to wear them with.
-A stuffy left ear.

-Thinking of deliciously devious ways to get back at said sucky people.
-Sugar cookies
-Free food!
-TUBING! Tubing is amazing and fingers crossed I'll be doing that again this summer
-Win for the little guys. Don't think I don't notice my Extra Care Bucks only last a day CVS. I'm willing to do as many separate transactions as I need to to use all of them.

Edit: I know you THINK I may be posting this late, but actually I had it all ready to go yesterday and just forgot to click post. Thus it totally counts.

Just in case you didn't know - Adam Savage is fantastic

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'I Will Survive' in the key of Gollum by Adam Savage.

Inspired: Katy Perry E.T. Makeup

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I may talk about how much I love makeup a lot on this blog, but rarely do I truly feel happy and proud of what I've accomplished. I may like it, but I'm usually plagued by what I could do better. For this Katy Perry look though? I'm pretty much ecstatic with all it, especially considering I wasn't going to cover my brows (I'm too lazy for that).

Initially I really didn't like the song E.T. or the video. They were both so weird and I think I was distracted by my own personal detest for Kanye West. With time though (and through listening to YouTube covers of the song funnily enough) I came to appreciate it more and be able to see the video and look beyond the crazy. And beyond the crazy there is some pretty damn spectacular makeup. I don't know what it is with me lately and the not at all wearable looks, but they've really been speaking to me and inspiring to try bigger and bolder things.  On this one though I got some help through a YouTuber by the name of Promise Phan, a great transformation artist, who did a very user-friendly tutorial on the look. You can find that here, and a lot of the tricks I used for my own interpretation of the look were based off of her work.

Quickly through my first trial though I realized that I wasn't going to be able to do it exactly without covering my brows. I'm wary of doing this for a few reasons, but mostly because I just don't understand how I can put gluestick across my brows and not rip out hairs when I took it off later. Luckily just filling it and emphasizing the heck out of my own brows gave me a dramatic enough look to make it work on my own. Next I took quite a few screen shots from the music video itself. Here are just a few:

Unfortunately my magic bag of tricks doesn't come equipped with blonde braids and a blonde wig, but I think you get the general idea from my take. I had a lot of fun and in general this didn't take a whole lot of time, maybe 2hrs? I'm not sure because unlike my Day of the Dead trail I wasn't as unsure or as apprehensive at how things were turning out, lol. Anyway now it's time for some pretty pictures!

I had to kind of take a guess at the products I used, because it was a lot of back and forth with this or that. For the most part the list looks like this

Products Used:
~~Tarte Holiday Kit (matte browns)
~~BIOELEMENTS Brown-Black Eyeliner
~~RIMMEL London Soft Kohl Liner Pencil in 07 Pure White
~~Estee Lauder Double Wear Shadow Creme in 07 Golden Apricot
~~LORAC little black dress (?) palette, light highlight eyeshadow
~~MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
~~Wet n Wild 8-pan palette in 737 Blue Had Me At Hello, matte black eyeshadow

But yep, that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed my latest inspired look and that you're having a great day!

Geek of the Week #1

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I have no idea how often I'll be posting these. Seriously, no idea. I don't want to commit myself to another blog series that sounds so fun in the beginning but becomes a big pain in my patooie later. Instead, I'll instruct you all to sit back and enjoy the random greatness of GRH'S Geek of the Week:

1) Dragon*Con is 65 DAYS AWAY. 65 days people! I don't know how I'm going to make it without spazzing out completely just from the sheer excitement of it all. Watching this will probably help:

-though I am a little sad I'm not in this. Where was I and why didn't the director talk to me?! I'm so cute, too.

2) With D*C so close I am feeling increasing pressure to finalize my outfits. The first and hardest to pull together is going to my Indigo look but I'm waiting for my pants! I ordered pants that are being delivered from overseas and as to not look like a shoddy cosplayer I refuse to buy fabric until they arrive. Though I am thinking an AC Moore trip is in my future for all the other little extra bits. And I have to order different purple highlights from Ebay.

3) To continue on the theme of D*C outfits (don't lie - you totally care about this) in general I'm thinking to stick to the 50's pinup theme for the whole weekend. I feel great in the look and I get to vamp it up without looking too naked. Just enough naked is what I'm going for here. I do have this mesh skirt from Forever21+ though....

4) MAKEUP! Ugh makeup for Dragon*Con is just as important to me as the outfits. I'm kind of refusing to think about this one too much though because it can really stress me out >.<

5) The very first Pixar movie to star a girl, Brave, just had its teaser released. Please check it out and salivate appropriately:

6) The geekery of this is slightly questionable, but if you've ever been interested in intelligent pop culture commentary please check out Jay Smooth. I love him and would give him pretty babies, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) I'm pretty sure he isn't interested.

7) Serenity shown on a big screen in Arlington? With beer and mozzarella sticks? The BOMB! I'm sorry you missed out. Also it increases even more my desire to be Gina Torres next year at D*C (sensing a theme here?) because she is beautiful and such a bad ass.

See? Bad ass. She would kill you and before you died you would say thank you.

Well wow. Apparently I had a lot of geek to get out this week. Before this turns into some kind of essay on why I am the way I am, let's conclude - let the Geek Be With You my friends and I'll talk to you later!

Edit: OH MY GOD I forgot to talk about Angel Does Stuff. I think it's the best new Tumbler in existence so don't be the last to partake of its greatness. It contains such notables as:

"Here’s Angel bidding farewell to Captain Peroxide himself. Well, that sure was a fun little visit. Oh Spike, you’re welcome to come again. Just maybe not so soon next time! Zing!"

Simple Math

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As it was a water activity no pictures exist of my epic adventure yesterday, but let me try and work it out for you:



Kind of makes you sad you missed it huh?

Well let me assure you that while Sunday was a bust some constructive blogging activities happened on Saturday, so expect some outfit, swatching, makeup-y goodness to appear later this week. Happy Monday!

Beauty Q&A: Concealer

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Q: Suggestions for a miracle concealer for eye/under eye dark circles?

I think my two top picks would have to be Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer and MAC's Pro-Longwear Concealer. Both can be applied with a fluffy brush (like's MAC 224) or fingers and gives me full coverage over my blemishes and dark circles.

Black Crackle Winner!

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So in true internet tradition, has chosen a winner to GRD's very FIRST giveaway!

Congratulations Tonic RDT! 

You shall be contacted forthwith about getting your new spiffy nail polish.

Also thank you to everyone who entered! I already have another giveaway lined up, though that one will be skin care, so make sure to stick around and keep your eye on Good Red Herring!

my new favorite old t-shirt

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Sometimes the Forever21 website can really cause me grief. Is it really necessary for me to search through all the pages of both top options because you insist on calling this item a 'basic'? When did just being a shirt mean that it couldn't ALSO be put under knit tops?


Whatever. The point of this post is this cute and VERY comfy t-shirt that I picked up from Forever21+:

Isn't it great? I know you probably can't tell from the picture but the cotton is really soft, softer than most of the other things I own, t-shirt or not. And the best part is that because it's soft and stretchy it clings in the best way possible to my curves, making it an option that I can dress down for life or up for work. Unfortunately it only seems to be available in black online, but I bought that blue one and another one in white in-store, and I think there was at least one other color hanging somewhere.

But what about the necklace you ask? Why that's another Forever21 find as well! It's the:

(I know mine don't exactly look all that twisted in this picture. Click on the link and use your imagination - it'll all be ok. )

Another great find in my opinion, especially considering that my other pearl or 'pearl-like' necklaces hang closer to my neck. They're pretty but just don't sit as well with most shirts or dresses. This is a fun statement piece that's light and looks good with mostly everything.

Have you come across any great pieces lately?

Awkward and Awesome (6/23)


-Swollen eye. Just the left eye to be exact. It's very attractive (as I'm sure you can imagine).
-Taking these pictures on the roof. While people were trying to eat their lunches without being invaded by the sight of me hiding behind greenery. You win some, you lose some.
-Sleeping for a solid 8hrs and still being tired! Ugh.
-The many awkward moments that happen on public transportation. Most of them involve me thinking not-very-nice thoughts about other people.

-Estee Lauder creme eyeshadows at the CCO! I might seriously have to have them all. They're like Pokemon but without the cute little containers.
-Ann Taylor Factory. I love it - which is kind of  a problem as I don't want to look like I got attacked by a mannequin. It's a delicate balance, creating a sense of style.

Quick and dirty folks, that's how I like it, and those are all the awkwards and awesomes I have for you today!

updates & coupon!

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First off let me just reassure you that I haven't forgotten to announce the winner of my first giveaway. I've just been uber busy and I don't want to announce a winner days before I'm able to actually mail off the prize. That, in my head anyway, is bad form. Look for the winner to be posted on GRH this Friday (6/24/11).

Also, e.l.f has been sending me emails the past couple days about their latest 50% off sale so I thought I'd just pass it along! Their Studio line is my absolute favorite, with both the brushes and the actual makeup being totally worth the money - especially when it's half off!

You have to spend a minimum of $25 and the code expires on 6/27/11.

Beauty Q&A: Brows

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Q: So this will be a random message....but your latest eye make-up pic popped up on my feed (and its gorgeous btw)...and your eyebrows look amazing. May I ask where you get them done? This part-Arab girl needs her caterpillars slimmed. 

First of all - thanks! I get my eyebrows threaded by a wonderful woman named Rana at Eurospa Morgana. The salon is located on K St NW, between 20th and 21st, and everyone is so nice. And for $14 it's not going to break the bank either ;)

Happy Captain Picard Day!

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....belated anyway. Sometimes I could wish The Mary Sue would update just when I'm remembering to reload the site because then I'd see things like this more quickly! Still, from The Mary Sue...

"It’s the day that corresponds with Stardate 47457.1, that’s what. It was first mentioned as Picard Day in Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s, a day when the Enterprise would host children as a way of showing them what the Starfleet experience was like."

And before anyone asks me, yes I know which episode they're referring to in that explanation. I've seen it multiple times. Because I'm just that cool. But if you're one of the poor lost souls still looking for a reason to love Captain Picard, please see what kind of greatness can occur when he pops up on Sesame Street.

Enough said, am I right?

[title goes here]

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This is a going to be a ramble post. It might even have two parts - I haven't decided yet. If you're not in the mood to read some random thoughts from me on the body, self-confidence, attraction, happiness, and whatever else might strike my fancy, please skip to another post, lol.

I've decided that's enough slightly depressing discussion for any one blog post. I'm probably not done writing myself, but if I think any of it's good enough to share I'll let you know.

Edit: In fact, I think this would benefit from a click to expand button. I may add them later for other like blog posts, as it gives you readers the choice.

Awkward and Awesome (6/16)

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-Waking up Sunday morning with puffy eyes due to *duh duh duuuuuh* allergies. I lived in one of the most pollen filled states in the world for 22 years and NOW I get allergies? Pooh on all this.
-Waking up Monday morning to no power. For almost the entirety of my morning routine. Especially that makeup part where you know, I don't need lights at ALL.
-Eye twitching. Eye twitching is possibly the most awkward thing ever.
-Women who come into the public restroom after me and for some inexplicable reason choose the stall RIGHT NEXT TO MINE. You're too close lady, too close.
-Reading that some women refer to what they do to their hair before shampooing as 'pre-pooing'. Seriously people? We can't just say 'before shampooing'?!
-The way they'll only subtitle SOME of the Spanish in Quiero Mi Boda. I am just as invested as anyone else in learning about how these wonderfully multicultural nuptials take place, but unfortunately I was not born in Hispanic land!
-That picture of my snack yesterday. It tasted awesome but for some reason I think eating croutons dipped in Laughing Cow cheese is awkward.

-40% off sale items at Banana Republic
-Giftcards again!
-Planning trips to NY to see friends
-Quiero Mi Boda on MTV Tr3s
-Being strong enough to say no to cute shoes. Shoes that while cute did not fulfill an independent function in my closet. Yay me! (even if a little voice in my keeps saying 'GO BACK AND BUY THEM!' I am still resisting)
-Ladyhawke. Have you seen that movie? It is full of awesome! Starting with the fantastic soundtrack that seriously makes me feel like I'm in a She-Ra cartoon looking for my sword. They just don't make 'em like they did in 1985.

My FIRST EVER Bloggers Do It Better

But do they really? REALLY? I can't actually verify it- there's no bloggers truth police for example - but the idea definitely isn't bad. It gives me the opportunity to go out and not only find random crap in my own closet to wear, but borrow it from other people!

It boggles the mind.

Just recently while traversing the blogosphere I came across the site Pretty Shiny Sparkly and her 'Bloggers Do It Better' Challenge. As Kristina describes it, it is "an initiative to showcase real girls, with real style, wearing real trends." Sounds nice doesn't it? A couple of topics went by before I found/decided to join in on the fun, but  my first foray is going to happen with the wonderful combination of...

Neon + Neutral

Tank: Forever21 ~ Cardigan: Torrid ~ Skirt: Banana Republic ~ Belt: Urban Outfitters

It's not magical, in fact you might not even be able to tell just how BRIGHT that tank top is, but I like it. I put it together, it made me feel good, and I'm excited to try this combination again. Though possibly with a piece of clothing that is actually mine and not a coworker's ;)

revlon vs chanel lipgloss

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My new love? Coral lipgloss. It may have begun in lipsticks, but the coral toned lipgloss is my new favorite for summer. It's subtle but brightening, and even in the tube it can make me happy. Why wouldn't I do some shopping around for a favorite or two?

Let me point out though that this post isn't about favorites - at least not yet. I haven't used either lipgloss enough to be able to say (I switch too often) but if you were looking for another piece to add to your own collection, I figure why not show the ones I have in more depth?

Plus when a friend asks for more hi-def(ish) photos of products I really like, why not go for it?

Both products are in typical lipgloss packaging, with long four-sided tubes. The Revlon has a quilt pattern handle and Chanel that unbeatable brilliance.

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in 020 Papaya (~$7.49)

Chanel Glossimer in 149 Nakkar (~$28.50)

The applicators for these lipglosses are pretty different. The Chanel glossimer has a more familiar slanted doe foot applicator, while the Revlon has a flat, kind of rectangular shaped brush. The Revlon applicator also has more give to it, so sometimes I find it a little hard to get a precise application.

The Gloss:
Before I took swatch pictures I would have said the Revlon is a cream while the Chanel has obvious shimmer. But if you look really closely below you can see that the Revlon lipgloss has a tiny bit of shimmer, though it's not apparent so much on the lips. In general the Revlon has more pigment, as it's a mostly cream formula and the shimmer of the Chanel lipgloss is suspended in a more translucent base. It does impart some color when I apply it, but not a whole lot. 

On the Lips:
These pictures aren't perfect, but they don't do too bad a job showing just how pretty these lipglosses are. They bring a hint of color to the face and change the tone of my lips to something warmer, and I love them both. Ultimately the Revlon might win in terms of texture, because it's a bitter thinner, but Chanel's is more long lasting due to its thicker consistency (not sticky really, just thicker). And if you were wondering I don't feel any gritty glittery particles or anything with the Chanel gloss - it's just beautiful when you apply :)

Overall I love both the Revlon and the Chanel. They're nice on, they're pretty colors, and I don't regret buying either of them. If I can't splurge now again on a ridiculous item that just makes me happy, life wouldn't be worth living.

Summer Makeup Tip #2

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Still feeling shiny? Don't forget to prime and blot, blot, blot away!

I hate to say it, but there's really almost no way to be completely shine free in the heat. Try and do what you can with an oil control moisturizer like Murad's Oil-Control Mattifier (SPF 15) or a primer like MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone. After that use blotting papers or single ply tissue to remove excess oil and lightly dust on a blot powder (my favorite is MAC's Blot Powder) to finish.

Beauty Secret: Feeling brave and don't have blotting papers on hand? Toilet seat covers from the restroom work just as well!

--image via

Beauty Q&A: Pencil Eyeliner

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Q: hey - do you have a suggestion for a good black pencil eyeliner. i need something thats pretty firm, and doesnt smudge that much. i always end up with eyeliner bleed and its frustrating.

Hmmm bleed is something I've never found a way to completely control with pencil, even with the slightly more expensive ones. My favorite is the Sephora black kohl liner - it's so black - but with my watery eyes I can get smudges at the outer corners. I've heard great things about Milani's Liquif-Eye liner (you can get it at CVS) and I'm trying it out now, but I don't have a firm opinion yet.

What you might want to try (if you're willing to spend the money) is Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Liner. The majority of the reviews I've read have been positive and it seems like one of the products other companies are hoping to 'beat'.

I also heard tales of an incredible Giorgio Armani liner that's great, but it was limited edition in a collection that was released last year and now you can't get it. Because of course women never need a company to consistently produce a liner that will not only stay put on the waterlines but be really black at the same time. No one EVER needs that.

NOTD + Giveaway! **CLOSED**

Isn't it BEYOUtiful?! I picked this polish up a few days ago from CVS, and while I can't comment on the wear time, I really enjoy how it looks on my nails. A wonderful duo chrome-y taupe, it can change from looking more gold to more silver to even brown.

wet n wild craze polish in 231 Shield

Plus it was 50% off at CVS so it was even cheaper than usual and only cost me $0.99! I highly recommend that if you have a CVS near you that you go and check out the brand for this color or any other cool options.

But you wanna hear about the giveaway, am I right? Well in honor of Good Red Herring's very first giveaway I thought I should pick something special. Something that people would get a kick out of and be fun for awhile. Thus, since the last time I got my eyebrows done it was staring me in the face, I picked up an extra BRAND NEW bottle of:

OPI Black Shatter

OPI Black Shatter nail polish! I love this stuff, it's the original lusted after product for the crackle 'thing' going on right now, and it can be all yours! 

I've gone back and forth on the rules for this one, but finally I've come to the conclusion that for my very first giveaway subscribers should really get first dibs. 

-You must be a subscriber of Good Red Herring
-You must be 18 years or older, or have your parents' permission
-You must live in the US

and finally,

-You must leave a comment below telling me what color you'd love to try the black shatter nail polish with along with your email address so I can contact you if you win

That's it! The giveaway will be open until 11:59pm on Sunday June 19th. Good luck!

friends send the best emails

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It's like she interviewed me and drew a comic depicting my LIFE.

"Just doing my bit to spread awareness for this common, but little understood condition. Thousands around the world are affected by chronic bitchface, with sufferers having to endure being told to “SMILE” and “cheer up” by well meaning, but irritating strangers. There is no known cure."

Awkward and Awesome

This is the BFF. The one who officially doesn't work at Cheesecake Factory anymore. Isn't her moment awesome?!

-realizing that you haven't been paying enough attention to have good awkward moments to share with everyone
-being forced to acknowledge that I'm only busy all the time due to my own inability to stop taking on additional commitments!
-shopping when you're determined to only buy things thoughtfully
-the HEAT! Ugh the heat. It's so horrible.

-winning a gift card!
-learning that BRAND NEW EPISODES of Pop-Up Video will be on VH1 this fall
-dumplings made in the microwave
-friends who eat both with you!
-Rita's real lemonade water ice
-Rainbow Brite costume brainstorming
-Roller derby Uhura costume brainstorming
-spending time at the Cheesecake Factory bar while my BFF has her very last shift there

Ok that's it. I have no more awkwards or awesomes in me at the moment. Hopefully no one is disappointed ;)


-the random things I buy in bulk: chapsticks (from ebay) and ramen (Asian Food Grocer (website))

in the dressing room @ Ann Taylor (6/7/11)

Super bored on my lunch break yesterday I took a venture into Ann Taylor, hoping that somewhere amongst their extra 40% off sale items there would be something I loved. Alas it was not to be, but at least you guys get to benefit with a few photos!

I actually kind of liked this top but the ruffle really couldn't decide what it was doing when it went from along the bustline to up around the neck.

Ruffle Neck Button Down (can't find online, similar here)

I actually had high hopes for this dress, mostly because the shape was nice and the belt was a great touch. Unfortunately it sat awkward and there was totally room for more than I had in the bust area - and the pleats just sat funny. No go.

Belted Crossover Dress (tall in black, here)

Apparently no one though it would be smart to label something that is more than likely only available in petite (as that's the only version of it I could find online). Too tight, too short.

Embroidered Mini Skirt (petite, here)

Sorry for the awkward pose here! It was the only way I could think of to show the batwing effect this shrug had going on. You wouldn't even be able to belt this because of the banding all along the hem/middle :(

What I learned? Ann Taylor has stupid lighting and half the stuff they say are 'online only' are available in store in one form or another.

Fingers crossed next time is a better trip!

Inspired - Kelly Rowland in 'What a Feeling'

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Last week sometime, through some random internet clicking I think, I stumbled up the video for Kelly Rowland's new single 'What a Feeling' (which doesn't sound anything like the other song called 'What a Feeling'). I was really impressed with the makeup throughout because I don't think either of the main looks are either over the top or too garish. They fit the fun dance theme of the video and I think compliment Kelly's natural beauty well. And so, in one of my rare moments, I decided to try and do my own version of the 'blue liner' look Kelly sports in the video. Que the YouTube screen caps:

As you can see the look seems to mostly consist of a light smokey eye, brown/taupe tones, with bright blue liner smudged underneath. Nice right? We all love it.

Now with something that's both subjective and specific, it was kind of a b*tch to do myself. There was a lot of random swatching on the back of my hand because not only did I need to try and get the gold color on the lid right, the blue had to be REALLY vivid. Like screaming from across the room vivid - which for me says I need liner as a base and a badass shadow to smudge on top. 
When it came to actually doing the look myself though, I have to admit that half the time I was worried I'd f*cked it up. Things looked ok, then weird again, then ok - it was confusing to say the very least. I like the gold I picked for my lid but then Twinks in my crease started to go too brown; it'd be ok for a different look but Kelly's smokey eye makeup is still on the cool side, or at least it looks that way on her skin tone. Luckily a bit of Satin Taupe made things sufficiently cool and as usual Beauty Marked was a wonderful soft black to use on the outer 'V' - it blends like a dream and is never too pigmented or too harsh.

The blue underneath the eye was surprisingly doable, I just had to resist every natural instinct I had that was telling me I was bringing the color too far down. I'm not sure I'd have finished off the look the same if it'd just been up to me, but as a tribute to the work I saw in Kelly's video, I don't think it's half bad.

Products Used:
~~Tarte Holiday Kit, gold eyeshadow
~~MAC Twinks eyeshadow
~~MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow
~~MAC Beauty Marked eyeshadow
~~MAC Sea Me shadestick
~~MAC Freshwater eyeshadow
~~UD Alice eyeshadow
~~LORAC little black dress palette, lightest eyeshadow (highlight)
~~Physicians Formula eye liner
~~Milani Liquif-Eye in Black
~~Rimmel Glam'Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara in 003 Kohl Black

Questions? Hit me up on Facebook or ask them below!